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Divya Kaishor Guggul 80 tabs(FREE SHIPPING)

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Divya Kaishor Guggul 80 tabs(FREE SHIPPING)

Product Description

Package Type Plastic Bottle
Package Content 80 Tablets
Product Expiry Minimum 6 months
Product Usage 1 tablet twice a day with lukewarm water or as directed by physician.

Dosage, Side Effects, Benefits

Kaishore Guggul purifies your blood of toxins introduced from polluted environment or unhealthy diet. It helps your body balance the production of uric acid and controls gout. It is made from herbal extracts with natural anti-inflammatory properties. It is effective in soothing wounds and ulcers. It also boosts your digestive system.The ayurvedic formula for divya kaishor guggul helps in blood cleansing.It acts as an active blood purifier and helps to take care of skin diseases. Kaishor guggul is the main ingredient of this herbal product that helps in the purification of the blood. According to the ayurvedic principles it is believed to remove excessive pitta (fire) from the body and thus helps in giving clean and soothing relief to the skin. It helps in removing impurities from the blood and makes your blood pure and clean. Divya Kaishor Guggul helps in the treatment of skin diseases that may be produced to blood disorders. It is a wonderful natural skin care product that gives natural glow and fairness to your skin. Divya Kaishor Guggul is known for its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties which makes it a wonderful herbal remedy for skin diseases.Helps to maintain healthy metabolism and remove toxins from the system. It has a special potency (prabhava) as a rejuvenative (Rasayana). Moreover this is found to be useful in diseases of vata and Kapha dosha


* Skin disorders
* Blood disorders
* Acne and pimples
* Pain in the joints
* Controls gout
* Heals ulcers
* Boosts digestion
* Nourishes skin
* Useful in vatrog, jirnaraktavikar, etc.


* ShuddhGuggu
* Sounth
* Kali marich
* Pipal
* Vaividang
* Dantymool
* Nishoth
* Harad
* Baheda
* Amla
* Giloy
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