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Dosage, Side Effects, Benefits

Since we are living in a fast moving world and it is our lifestyle that is becoming the major cause for digestive as well as various other types of ailments. And moreover the food that we consume daily is not as much nutritious and it is loaded with a number of synthetic chemicals that rather harm our body. And even we all are greatly becoming slaves of junk foods that result in the accumulation of excessive toxins. So clearly we are making our bodies a source of disease production.
In addition to this we are also lacking in the most appropriate measures that can bring about the cure of these acute as well as chronic ailments. The answer thus lies in Ayurveda. As this line of therapy is completely natural so it renders our body with various essential minerals, and nutrients that our body is lacking. As the ultimate goal of yoga is not just a better body, but also a better state of being. These asanas help in the release of accumulated gases. They bring about the Improvement of digestive strength of the digestive system and helps in better motion. Improves upset stomach and constipation by stimulating the abdominal region. Brings about activation of gastric organs as liver, intestines, pancreas, kidneys and lungs.
Following are the asanas that can be performed for various types of stomach ailments:-


• Lie on the ground with your face downwards.
• Rest arms alongside the body with palms facing upward.
• Slide your hands under your thighs, Press palms properly against top of your thighs.
• Inhale slowly and raise the head, chest, and legs up to 12 to 15 inches off the floor or as high as possible.
• Angle your head as far back as possible. Keep your feet, knees, and thighs pressed together and stretched backward.
• Breathe normally and hold the pose for a few seconds. Then slowly release legs and head - coming back to the original resting position.
• You may repeat this asana four to five times.
• Makarasana or the Crocodile pose:
• Lie straight on the abdomen with face touching the ground.
• Keep both feet close to each other with the soles of the feet facing upwards. Extend both hands straight above the head with arms touching the ears.
• Forehead and nose should touch the ground.
• Let the palm and fingers of one hand touch the floor and put the palm and fingers of the other hand over it.
• Close your eyes and breathe normally while concentrating.
• Hold this posture as long as you can.
• Pavanamuktasana or Wind Relieving Pose:
• This asana or posture as its name suggests helps in relieving the excess gas from your system and is also beneficial in treating chronic acidity.
• This asana or pose should not be done by those who have a weak back or problems with their spine such as slip disc, pregnant women should also avoid this pose.
• Vajrasana or Thunderbolt Pose:
• This asana or pose should be done immediately after eating as it greatly helps to promote good digestion and also prevents acidity and gas trouble.
• Dhanurasana or the bow pose:
• This asana helps in increasing the blood flow in the pancreas and the intestinal area.
• It even helps to keep a healthy digestive system.
• This even provides a proper peristalsis movement.
In addition to these asanas one must follow the following dietary measures that will help you in having a healthy digestive system as follows:
• Drink lots of water as it will help to get rid of chronic acidity and will keep your system hydrated. It will also help to clean your gut and ensure smooth and proper bowel movements to help get rid of gas.
• Avoid having tea and coffee and other caffeine rich beverages. Also avoid smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol, especially beer since it increases the gas in your system.
• Consume healthy fruit and vegetable juices instead that will keep your system healthy.
• Do not eat excessively oily and spicy foods or highly processed packaged junk foods as it will increase the acidity and make your problems worse. Have fresh vegetables and fruits instead.
• Have curd and buttermilk daily during lunch, as it will be very beneficial to get rid of the chronic acidity. Also add ginger and garlic to your food as they help in digestion and help to relieve the gas problem.
• Eat more foods like fresh fruits and vegetables that provide sufficient fiber and roughage to your diet like green leafy vegetables.
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